About The Queen Of Laughter

During my Laughter presentations you will engage in playful Laughter Exercises and discuss the amazing benefits that Laughter provides for your Mind, Body & Spirit.  You will also learn how to use Laughter as a strategic and powerful tool in your personal and professional lives. And, yes there’s more…….. you will be given the simple practices of Good Hearted Living to help prevent the hardening of your attitudes(ha!ha!) which will help you live a healthy, happy and peaceful life!! This is a fun, informative and extremely interactive session. Everyone will feel the benefits immediately and leave with a smile feeling Empowered, Energized, and Eager to take on their lives in a new and exciting way!!

Are you looking for a Presentation that will Inspire your Audience, Motivate your Employees, Increase Morale, Generate Revenue, Build Relationships, Improve Communications, Boost Energy Levels, Melt away Stress and oh, did I mention Fun?


Are you looking for an Individualized Program that takes you from feeling Discouragement, Depression and Despair (yes, The Queen used to live there) to a life of Freedom, Fun and Fulfillment?

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